A journey from Fat to Fit, and a whole load of of help along the way!

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What's it all about, Bob?

Who am I? (and who is Bob?)

Hey there, I'm Mark "The Magician" Willis, a professional full time magician and blogger, born and raised and living in the UK. I've done many jobs over the years but magic has always been a passion, and I always struggled to get in shape. I've tried all sorts over the years and I think now I've found something that's working! I've now mixed that with this fitness motivation blog to hopefully bring you something a bit more unique than your average blog... and to make sure I stick my goals as well.

Our little family! Rachel, George and me.

As of 2018, I'm just starting out on my own fitness journey (again) and I'll also be documenting my progress along the way from fat to fit. I'll be learning myself, so as I learn I'd like to share my discoveries with you all along the way.

What content can you expect to find here?

The pure goal of this website is motivate or inspire anyone who who is looking to start or needs pushing harder, along with bringing you truthful and genuine reviews of useful (or useless) products and programs in the fitness industry.

Whether you've never done any exercise in your life, have just started working out, or you're a hardcore fitness fanatic, there is something here for you.

Some of the articles you can expect to find here:

  • Different types of training; from running, to weights, to calisthenics and bootcamps & more
  • Interviews with everyday athletes and gym goers, people who have changed themselves for the better.
  • Motivational articles, including my own progress from Fat to Fit!
  • Thorough product reviews and "best of" lists.
  • Workouts for all kinds of levels that I'll test out myself.

I meet athletes and gym goers from all over the world and ask them the questions you want asking, and share them with you so we can learn, be inspired and get even more motivated.

Why is my blog different to anyone else's?

There are loads of great sites that you can follow for motivation. As a professional magician, I'll be having some fun with my interviewees by showing my them some magic tricks before digging into the real questions you want answered.

You'll also get to see some pretty cool magic tricks along the way!

By doing so, I hope that my interviewees will be relaxed and open up with their own fitness journey so that we can learn from them.

You'll also get to see some pretty cool magic tricks along the way!

Do I use affiliate links?

Yes, in some articles I may use affiliate links which means that if you click the link and buy the product I write about, I will get a small commission from the seller. This won't cost you anymore, but it will be appreciated by me and helps me maintain the website with the best content possible.

I also run Google Ads. Clicking an advert will take you to the advertisers site and earn me a commission. Although I try and keep a close eye on what's advertised, I'm not responsible for third party content.

I'd like to be featured on your site, can I please, please?

I'm always looking for new people to interview. Wherever you are in the world, and whether you've just started your journey, or you're years into it, then I'd love to hear from you. You can contact me here, just fill in the details and we'll start chatting!