August 5, 2018

Does Slimming World work? I spoke with Rachel who's been going for just over 2 months to find out.

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Does Slimming World work? I spoke with Rachel who's been going for just over 2 months to find out.

With so many ways to lose weight, a lot of people will say there is a right way and a wrong way, so is a slimming club the right way to go? Well, I talk to Rachel who's been going for just over two months so far to ask the question: "Does Slimming World work?"

This is an unbiased view of Slimming World from the perspective of my wife Rachel who has been attending a class here in the UK for 9 weeks. As I'm just starting out in the blogging world (it's now my full time job by the way) I though it would also be good practice in writing an informative interview.

Your opinions are very welcomed in the comments section below.

The question I want to know: Does Slimming World work?

The are a lot of ways that we can lose weight, some who have tried Slimming World say it's the best thing ever and it definitley does work, while others prefer a different approach. I'm having a chat with my wife Rachel to find out how she feels with the whole process so far, we'll also see her progress along the way.

Rachels pre-Slimming World starting weight: 15 stone 3.5lbs - 213.5lbs

I'll write this as chat transcript and summarise at the end.

• Mark = M
• Rachel = R

M: Hello wifey! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with me!

R: No problem, I hope it's useful for you and for anyone who reads it!

M: So the first thing... what made you want to start to lose weight, you know I love you the way you are!

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R: I know that, I love you too (we share a little kiss. Soppy huh?) Well it was when we went to Cornwall in May. That photo you took of me while we were at the Eden Project. It was just horrible, I hated everything about it.

M: Oh yes, this one (right)

R: That's the one. It's just horrible. We had a lovely day there, but I'll always remember that picture from it which is why I want to go back to the same place when I'm in the shape I want to be.

M: How did you feel when you saw it?

R: I felt a bit shameful that I'd let myself get to that point. A picture never lies so it was a bit of a shock to see that person staring back at me.

M: How did you find out about Slimming World?

R: I've been going to a local Zumba class twice a week, and one of the ladies from the group came in to promote their class in the same building. There was a 12 week referral scheme they were running for people whose BMI was above 30, which is considered obese.

M: You're quite a shy person, were you nervous or apprehensive about going on your own?

R: I was a little apprehensive as it was out of my comfort zone. I kind of didn't want to go with anyone I knew as I knew it would make me talk to people and be more sociable because of it.

M: So what did you think when you got there?

R: Everyone was really friendly and welcoming when I got there, so it put me at ease right away. The people that attend are regulars and have all started somewhere, so they seem to understand the importance of making someone feel welcome.

M: What were your feelings after your first session and your initial weigh in?

R: I was excited to start, having talked to people there I could see how they had benefitted. It didn't seem like a huge drastic change to the way were eating as the program seemed very flexible.

M: How did the first week go?

R: Amazingly well. I lost 5.5lbs at the next weigh in a week later. I felt the shopping a bit tough the first week, as I was still learning what had Syns (The Slimming World point system) what didn't have Syns.

M: What kind of foods have you been able to eat on Slimming World so far then?

R: As long as you record what you eat, you can eat anything. There are so many hundreds of recipes that you can make that have zero syns, things like "fakeaways" which are healthier alternatives to classic take aways. I'm definitely not short of flavour! I bought these Slimming World recipe books which I've made loads of stuff from already.

M: How much confidence did you gain after that first weigh in then?!

R: I wouldn't say I gained confidence as such, it just proved that making the effort was worth it so it made me more determined to lose weight the next week, and the week after. I was drinking more water too and I felt a lot less bloated which also made a huge difference.

M: What's the first goal you had set yourself, and how is it going?

R: So the first goal I've set myself is to lose 28lbs (2 stone) and as of today, I've lost 26lbs in 9 weeks, so just 2lbs off my target.

M: Wow, that's incredible! I bet you look really different from that first picture. Are you happy with what you've achieved so far?

R: Yes definitely! I'm so happy with what I've done, I've lost over 10% of my bodyweight, I feel a lot better in myself and clothes are starting to fit that I thought I'd never wear again!

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M: Have people noticed your weight loss? How long did it take?

R: I've had people notice which is a great feeling, it definitely makes it worth while to receive nice comments! It was around the 5 or 6 week mark when people started noticing. I could feel the difference a lot earlier. You start thinking people won't notice, but keep at it because they do.

M: So what would you say you've enjoyed most about Slimming World so far?

R: Just seeing the weight come off has been the best thing, and the fact that I can still have treats. I'm never hungry. Also being able to walk into shops and try on clothes that I liked the look of previously, but never had the confidence to try on.

M: And what is the most difficult thing or what's been tough?

R: I want to step on the scales at home to see how it's going through the week, but they tell you not to... and my husband tells me off if I'm about to... don't you Mark?!

M: Yep! You have to stick to the plan!

R: I know. Want a cuppa?

M: Yeah, go on then please... ah, we're off topic now. Thanks so much for answering these questions Rachel. You're doing so well and I'm very proud of you so it was only right you're the very first interview on my website!

R: Blushes and beams with a smile!

M: So to finish off, in your opinion, does Slimming World work?

R: Absolutely. It might not be for everyone, but the weigh in each week keeps you accountable for what you eat throughout the week. It's a great feeling when you step on the scales and see a loss and I feel I've really benefitted from going.


Well that's just one person's view, but I can say that I think it works too because I'm seeing the results too. Slimming World have devised a plan that works for the majority of people, if you stick it. It may not be the healthiest in terms of the foods you can eat.

Personally, it's not a diet I would do because I want to reduce my sugar intake. Slimming World seems to focus on a lot of low or zero fat products that are laced with sugar as the substitute, but yet it works.

Example of the above would be the Müller Light fat free yoghurts. They're free to have with 0 syns, so you could technically have 2 every day and not have to count them, but the amount of sugar per yoghurt is around 17grams! That's approximately 3 teaspoons of sugar.

As long as you stick to it, then it will work. If you stray from the plan and start introducing foods you shouldn't eat, such as fatty foods, then it's going to throw you off and you're going to gain weight.

You can get in touch with Slimming World UK to find the nearest group to you.

Does Slimming World Work? For Rachel it is working, and it's continuing to work.

Have you tried Slimming World? Do you have a question for Rachel? Drop a message in the comments, I'll always reply.

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